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Book Writing Retreats

Harness the Power and Gain Secret Access to the Next Big Thing!

Have you always wanted to tell your story or write your book? But you never seem to have the time. Now is the opportunity to get your book written in a week, while you lounge at the beach and your private pool.
Join Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson, #1 bestsellers, expert publishers and marketers, that will walk you through each step of the way. You will have an extraordinary experience and vacation while fulfilling your dreams and goals of becoming a bestselling author.

Top 12 Reasons to write a book.

1 – Make More Money

2 – Build an audience, faster, and easier

3 – Earn Greater Credibility

4 – Elevate your positioning in your niche

5 – Get in Front of Influencers / Celebrities

6 – Help Someone…and Profit

7 – Share your Message

8 – Share a Story

9 – Express Creativity

10 – Help Out a Charity

11 – Just for Fun

12 – Help Someone…and NOT Profit (to serve)

Now is your chance to write your book!
Spend 6 days on the beach with Jenn & Melanie and you will be on the best-seller list!

You are invited to an EXTRAORDINARY event . . .
This is different . . .
Here’s why . . .

  • You’re Not Just Learning . . . You’re Doing
    Our entire suite of tools facilitates you to produce books FAST. With us sitting right next to you for 6 days, you will leave with your book!
  • Learn from Us on the Beach in the Sand
    You will be joining us in a private villa on the beach in the Dominican Republic. You will be learning from experts & bestselling authors, Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson, in a small, exclusive group setting. (Only 12 women will be approved for this Beach Book Writing Camp!)
  • You Will Be Given Special Tools & Systems
    You will have access to amazing systems and tools, not only to use while you are on the beach, but to learn and take home with you! WOW!

Hi, Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson here. We are best-selling authors who have written books to boost our businesses.

Hot Chicks Write Books on the Beach

More importantly, we are business owners, online marketers and busy single mothers. We’ve been in the Internet marketing profession since 2005. We understand what it is like to be who you are and to do what you do.

We have built our businesses from the ground up starting at the bottom and moving up, and we have seen our children grow up with all the changes on the Internet with social media.

We understand your real-life challenges of building a successful business. Fortunately, we have access to some great tools and systems along the way that have played a pivotal role in building our businesses.  We want to share those tools and systems with you.

Imagine learning how to harness the most innovative tools and systems for writing your book to build your business, directly from BESTSELLING AUTHORS.

Get all the details —including your six-day agenda for the Beach Book Writing Camp.

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Creating Content and Writing Books

Before you decide one way or another, here are some things you should know about the Beach Book Writing Camp:

  • Surprise Guest Speakers and Training—We have lined up some surprise training that has not even mentioned here!
  • Get ALL our Products—All participants will get a MASTER KEY that will unlock all of our previous books and products, including all the online tips and tricks with websites, WordPress themes and plugins, video training and social media tips! This on its own is valued at more than $2,500!
  • Get Printed Copies of your Books—Everyone attending will receive 50 print copies of their book, delivered to their home address. You will also have access to buy more copies of your printed book.

To discover more—and reserve your spot for the next Beach Book Writing Camp—visit
(Act now! Only 12 spots total available!)


or Call Toll Free: 1(855) 980-0572